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Here you will find all the information you need to tell a breathtaking story about us. If you have any further questions, just write to us directly!

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Who is behind Land & Sea?

Who are the founders?

Land&Sea, that's Sophie Schlünsen and Dorothea Swane. They met in the startup scene in Kiel, Germany, when Doro was looking for new team members with the will to start a business for Land&Sea, which was still very undefined at the time. After Sophie stepped in unceremoniously to support Doro, the idea turned into a real business idea and Land&Sea took a long leap forward.


Sophie has already started her own start-up 'Nordlicht Assistenz' in 2020, while Doro is still studying for her master's degree and sitting in the virtual lecture hall.

What is Land & Sea about?

A sports mat that consists of 98% broken wetsuits and which is 100% recyclable in the end.

Land & Sea collects old, broken and unusable wetsuits from private individuals, water sports shops, surf schools, cable parks and bigger producers. The wetsuits are then shredded and pressed into sports mats. If the mat breaks, it is not thrown away, but can be recycled again. The wetsuit thus enters a closed cycle, from which it cannot get out of again anytime soon. This means that no resources are wasted and very few new resources are involved. Land&Sea are currently working on a return system.



Land & Sea combines water sports, fitness and sustainability and thus has its finger on the pulse of the times. Waste of resources, environmental pollution, climate crisis, plastic waste, consumption, ... all these are issues that happen right before our eyes and to which we must not turn a blind eye.


In order to act as CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly as possible, Land & Sea produces in Germany and not in Asia, where most of the supposedly "sustainable" sports mats are produced. This means that short transport routes and fair working conditions can be insured.


What is the mat made of?

A mat consists of approx. 2 wetsuits and a compound, i.e. 98% neoprene and 2% compound. This composite funding is currently not yet a sustainable resource. However, we strive to make this mat not only 98% but 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.



Current status: The first test mats have arrived and are currently being put through their paces.



Sales of the Land & Sea fitnes mat will start in autumn 2021 and the price of the mat is expected to be 119 EUR.

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